Teachers Day
Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers,. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
How to Make a Card for Teachers Day
Printable Teachers Day Card.
Fold the card on the dotted lines and write your teacher a message inside.

Making a Card for Teachers Day
Grab a sheet of paper(construction paper is the best)
Get lots of crafty things. Markers, crayons, glitter (the more glitter the better), glue, stickers, something heavy and rich looking, pens, and paint.
Be creative. Drawing a heart or flower is nice, but how bout drawing the teacher herself or making a pop up card.
If so, you can add a small gift with the card, like Japanese candies or pastries(they look a lot cuter and are quite delicious)
Write a special note and show that you really do care. Dont just say that they are the best teacher. Tell them exactly why.
Hand deliver the card after or before school starts.
Put on a big smile when presenting it to your teacher. Hopefully they will grin back after they scanned through the card.

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