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Teachers Day

Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers,
41. Bangladesh October 4
Schools dont have a holiday if its not a weekly one. Students greet teacher and often send cards and presents. Teachers usually dont teach them from the books, those who do this share their experiences with the students. Students often try to surprise their teachers with anything they can think of.
42. Brunei Darussalam September 23
To commemorate the birth date of the 28th ruler of Brunei, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III, also known as the Architect of Modern Brunei who amongst others had emphasized the importance of education to his subjects by introducing a policy of free education whereby the citizens are charged very nominal fees for attending schools. This policy has now been followed by the current 29th ruler who has since extended the policy further.
43. Bhutan May 2
Established and marked on the birth anniversary of the third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who introduced modern education to the country.
44. Brazil October 15
A decree regulating the elementary schools in Brazil. The celebration gained popularity throughout the country, and October 15 was officially designated Teachers Day in 1963.
45. Bulgaria October 5
On 29.09.2006, October 5 was recognised as Teachers Day by the government.
46. Cameroon October 5
Teachers in Cameroon on Tuesday October 5, 2010 joined the rest of their peers worldwide to celebrate the 17th edition of the World Teachers Day. Placed under the theme, Nation building passes through teachers, the day served as an opportunity to pay homage to teachers who toil, sometimes under notsocomfortable conditions, to build the capacities of human resources for the socioeconomic development of the country. Commemorative activities in Yaounde that began in September 29 with educative talks at the Lycee General Leclerc had round off on Tuesday at the Wada multipurpose sports complex.
47. Chile October 16
In 1967, September 11 was chosen as a del Maestro (Teachers Day). The date was moved to December 10 in 1975, because on that day in 1945, the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral received the Nobel Prize. In 1977, the date was renamed to a del Profesor (also Teachers Day) and was moved again, to October 16, to honor the founding of the Colegio de Profesores de Chile (Teachers Association of Chile).
48. Colombia May 15
This day marks the appointment of San Juan Bautista de la Salle as the patron of teachers. In 1950, Pope Pius XII granted his approval of La Salle as patron of teachers for championing the causes of modern education. The holy founder understood the education of children as the obligation of all. Usually the schools of his time (16511719) only accepted young people studying towards politics or diplomacy. Juan Bautista outlined the principles of free and universal education. That same year in Colombia, the President of the Republic declared that date as Teachers Day.
49. China September 10
In the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), there are some activities for students to show their appreciation to teachers, such as presenting gifts, including cards and flowers. In addition, many former students will go back to their old middle schools and high schools to give presents to their old teachers.The government first proclaimed Teachers Day in 1985, but has never clearly explained why it should fall on September 10. Some people believe it was an arbitrary choice and have proposed to change it to September 28, which is believed to be Confuciuss birthday. On Sep. 5, 2013, the State Council announced a legislative draft endorsing the change. If adopted, it would effectively make mainland China and Taiwan share the same Teachers Day beginning in 2014. Taiwan has observed September 28 as Teachers Day since the 1950s.
50. Czech Republic March 28
The birthday of John Amos Comenius. Czech students nominate the teachers whose approach most motivates and inspires them to the competition Zlaty Amos (Golden Amos). The coronation of Golden Amos take place yearly on March 28.

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