the most powerful people in enterprise tech

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Greg Kroah Hartman Fellow Linux Foundation

The Most Powerful People In Enterprise Tech

It's time again to shine a spotlight on the people in enterprise tech who are transforming your wor
Greg Kroah Hartman Fellow Linux Foundation

Greg Kroah Hartman is one of most powerful people in the world of Linux, second only to his buddy Linus Torvalds, it s creator. It s Kroah Hartman s job to maintain what s known as the stable branch of Linux, that s the one deployed in data centers around the world. Before working full time for the Linux Foundation, he worked on Novell s version of Linux, known as SUSE. Like Torvalds, Kroah Hartman has his share of fans and groupies young open source developers who want to grow up to be just like him. He s an author and popular public speaker, too.

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