the red fort

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Diwan i Aam

The Red Fort

It is located in the centre of Delhi and houses a number of museums.
Diwan i Aam

The inner main court to which the Nakkar Khana led was 540 feet 160 m wide and 420 feet 130 m deep, surrounded by guarded galleries.On the far side is the Diwan i Aam, the Public Audience Hall. The halls columns and engrailed arches exhibit fine craftsmanship, and the hall was originally decorated with white chunam stucco.In the back in the raised recess the emperor gave his audience in the marble balcony jharokha. The Diwan i Aam was also used for state functions.The courtyard mardana behind it leads to the imperial apartments.

Lahori gate
Moti masjid
Rang mahal
Present state of red fort
Red fort
Diwan i Aam
Architectural design
The fort today
Light and Sound Show
Khas mahal
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