tips to prepare a government job interview

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Tips To Prepare a Government Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview .
21. Prepare a List of Questions that You May Want to Ask
It is good to jot down all the list of questions that you may want to ask interviewers. It could be about the job, work schedule, salary etc.
22. Prepare Yourself to Face a Panel of Interviewers
You might have to face a panel of interviewers where more than one person would interview it. It is like interrogation and you need a strong mind to face it. Keep reading this blog post to know more.
23. Psychological and Mental Preparation
You have to prepare yourself psychologically and mentally before you give an attempt. Both preparations take time.
24. Develop Your Emotional Quotient Rather Intelligence Quotient
Remember in an Interview it is Emotional Quotient matters over Intelligence Quotient. Hence develop your EQ over the period of time.
25. Carry Yourself Positively on the Day of Interview
Now comes the day you would be giving the Interview. On that particular day carry yourself positively without letting negative thoughts to take over your mind.
26. Try to Put a Smile on Your Face
Your face should be smiling as it attracts people. Never look tragic while giving an Interview. However, smile should be natural not superficial.
27. Body Language Should be Positive and Relaxed
Body language should be positive and relaxed. Not sloppy and tired. You must be active and energetic for the interview.
28. Eyed Contact and Handshake
Eye contact is the first thing that is going to happen with interviewers. Hence eye contact should be normal and you should always shake hands with them.
29. Dressing Should Always be Formal
When you are going for an interview then dress formally. Do not wear informal clothes as it looks unprofessional.
30. Avoid Perfume or Deodorant
Avoid using perfumes or deodorant with strong smell as it distracts the attention of interviewers.

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