tips for best student in the class

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Attend all your lectures

Tips for Best Student in the class

Here are the top tips you need to know on how to be the best student in your class.
Attend all your lectures

Okay, so earlier we did say something about researching being top dog over lectures, but thats not to say you shouldnt go.Turning up to all yes all of your timetabled hours is the very least you should be doing to get the most out of your degree.While it may not seem the most inviting prospect at 8am on a rainy Wednesday morning, its the very minimum you need to be doing to get through your degree.Trust us, the slides online will not contain all of the information youll go through by actually going. And who really wants to waste

Stay on top of your work
Brush up on your presentation
Form or Join a Study Group
Do All the Work Plus More
Take Hard Classes
Study at university
Show Up Every Time
Support At Home
Neat handwriting is the key
Pay attention
Use Time Wisely
Use the Textbook
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