tips to feng shui your home

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Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

31. How close should seating be
Theres no formula but you want an intimate arrangement that invites people in Furniture should be close but not jammed together And each seat needs a surface on which to rest a drink or a book That makes it more welcoming
32. What about flow
In general you shouldnt hit any furniture as you go across the space For example its not great to walk into the back of a sofa as you enter the room And if theres a walkway into another room it has to be clear
33. Tell us about coffee tables
A square or rectangular table may not feel as good as a circular or oval one which lets energy move around more easily You dont want harsh angles pointing at people
34. So circles are good
For a coffee table yes But overall a mix of shapes is important Squares represent earth; rectangles wood; triangles fire Round and oval items represent metal The living room will feel most balanced if it includes all of them
35. Do you have to cover livingroom windows
Thats up to you Some people love looking outside and seeing life go by; others feel invaded But if you have a big window opposite the front door the energy can fly right out the window so its good to address that: Use drapes or blinds Or put something in front of the window like a plant or a pretty reflective bowl to bounce energy back into the room
36. What if you like uncovered windows but your view is of a brick wall or your neighbors rusty swing set
You can use sheers to soften the view and divert attention Im not a big doodad person but for an unpleasant sight line you could hang a crystal in the window to redirect the energy Any clear multifaceted crystal will work
37. Please dont say that we cant have a TV in the living room
In feng shui there are private (yin) spaces like bedrooms and public (yang) spaces like living rooms A TV in a public space is OK A television often becomes the focal point which is fine if thats what you want But if the intention of the room is say to gather the family then keep the TV in something closed or in a lessthancentral spot on the wall so it doesnt dominate For a family space its also nice to have a soft ottoman in place of a coffee table so the kids can be in the center of the action
38. What else do you think about when you use feng shui in a living room
Shedding light on dark corners Lighting activates energy so have enough light sources that each area of the living room can be well lit when in use If areas are in the dark that represents neglect of certain aspects of your life
39. Anything to know about color
Rich saturated colors are great in public spaces; red is particularly invigorating Deep blue and eggplant are also energizing
40. What about the little details
Its important to surround yourself with beauty and items with meaning

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