tips to feng shui your home

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Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Fix your squeaks
Use your front door
Where to place that Feng Shui fountain
Plants above the kitchen cabinets
Keep that bathroom door closed
Where is your bed located
Cover up the TV in your bedroom
Clean all windows
Do a space clearing
Make your entrywayentrancing
Arrange your key pieces of furniture in theempoweredposition
Hazardproof your home by removing unfriendly furniture
Clutter Clear
Replace or fix anything that is broken cracked molding rotting or in any kind of disrepair
Move furniture you spend the most time on away from beams or ceiling fans
Live with what you love
Bring in Nature
Update your color scheme to reflect your current taste and style
Create the right amount of activity and rest depending upon the use of the room
Eliminate clutter
Keep your toilet lid down
Get two nightstands
Try not to work with your back to a door
Get plants
Fix whats broken
What exactly is feng shui
How do you do that
Where should the sofa be
If you dont have a wall to put the sofa against how can a floating sofa work
Whats the biggest feng shui mistake you see in living rooms
How close should seating be
What about flow
Tell us about coffee tables
So circles are good
Do you have to cover livingroom windows
What if you like uncovered windows but your view is of a brick wall or your neighbors rusty swing set
Please dont say that we cant have a TV in the living room
What else do you think about when you use feng shui in a living room
Anything to know about color
What about the little details
Doesnt that create clutter
Whats one instant livingroom trick
What are some common feng shui issues
What else
Lets talk about the decor
Crystals are feng shui so is a crystal chandelier best
Anything to avoid
Is a diningroom rug a feng shui requirement
Does the round table rule apply here
Use It Or Lose It
What about the windows
Where should guests sit
Any magic feng shui props for this spot
Mirrors are significant in feng shui Why
Lets move to the bedroom Overall tips
What do you mean
Where should the bed go
What if youre stuck with a layout that demands the coffin position Yikes
Can one side of the bed be against a wall
How do you get that calm feng shui feel
Smoke And Mirrors
Safe Haven
It seems like there are a lot of rules about the bedroom
What about lights plugged in behind the bed
Is it true that you shouldnt store anything under the bed
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