tips to feng shui your home

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Please dont say that we cant have a TV in the living room

Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Please dont say that we cant have a TV in the living room

In feng shui there are private (yin) spaces like bedrooms and public (yang) spaces like living rooms A TV in a public space is OK A television often becomes the focal point which is fine if thats what you want But if the intention of the room is say to gather the family then keep the TV in something closed or in a lessthancentral spot on the wall so it doesnt dominate For a family space its also nice to have a soft ottoman in place of a coffee table so the kids can be in the center of the action

What about the little details
Safe Haven
Tell us about coffee tables
What if you like uncovered windows but your view is of a brick wall or your neighbors rusty swing set
Lets move to the bedroom Overall tips
What else do you think about when you use feng shui in a living room
How do you get that calm feng shui feel
Try not to work with your back to a door
Move furniture you spend the most time on away from beams or ceiling fans
Hazardproof your home by removing unfriendly furniture
Whats the biggest feng shui mistake you see in living rooms
How do you do that
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