tips to get ready for school

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Get organized

Tips to get ready for School

A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.
Get organized

Shuffling between two homes can be confusing and things can often get lost in the process. To eliminate the frustration that goes along with transitions, try to be as organized as possible. Talk to your ex about the homework assignments, prepare a checklist for your child and get duplicates of items such as sports uniforms when possible. Ensure that you both have their best interest at heart and that you will both help him or her learn how to transition between the two homes smoothly. If not in your divorce agreement already, plan ahead what should happen for events such as emergencies, illness, inclement weather and early release days during the school year. Make sure you bot have back up and emergency plans to avoid any confusion as well as help your child feel more secure during planned and unplanned events that may occur while they are at school.

Party time
Style your hair
Eat a well balanced
Wake up on time
Make your lunch
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Get organized
Create Calendar Central
What to wear
Lets do lunch
Eat a well balanced healthy breakfast
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