tips to get ready for work

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Tips to get ready for Work

Work as a term in broad sense may refer and include any kind of activity.
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Grab and Go breakfast items: I love Greek Yogurt, Quaker Oatmeal Breakfast squares, and frozen egg and cheese bisquits for those super early mornings. On those days, I skip breakfast at home and either eat a breakfast bar in the car or heat up an egg biscuit at work to have while going through my morning emails. I referenced this in the tips above, but have a special little dish or jar in your bathroom for the primary purpose of setting your jewelry, eye shadows, or hair accessories in the night before. Minimizing your digging around for things in the morning will get you out the door faster Keep your makeup organized. I keep all mine in Stearlite drawers in my bathroom sorted by category , I get ready in the hallway bathroom. Keep morning facial cleanser, SPF, eye cream, serums, and moisturizers organized together. Frequently used products should be right at the front for quick application. Keep work bag and purse together on a hook either by the front door or somewhere convenient to grab and go Okay, I am going to sound like ahook fanatic but, we also have a key hook at our house that has all the car keys .

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Make up And Final Touches
Update your resume
Gather everything you need together
Get Up nice and early
Multitask In The Shower
Health issues
Find transportation
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Find childcare
Update your wardrobe
Get Dressed
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