tips to success in mat exam

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Sit for Long Hours

Tips to success in MAT Exam

GMAT preparation tips and success stories earlier.
Sit for Long Hours

Yes, building stamina for peak concentration for four hours at a stretch is a part of the GMAT Preparation. Dont leave this for the end of your preparation; rather, try to study in long sittings. Have as many four hours sittings as possible. Further, keep taking one test per week in first two quarters of your preparation; in the third quarter, start taking two tests per week and in the last quarter, take two three tests per week.

Master effective guesswork
Take it early take it often
What is MAT
Question Conclusions
Try to complete the exam
Read all test directions carefully
Practice using laminated drawing boards
Keep moving through the test
Practice writing the essay
This List is Short but Exhaustive
Do not waste time
Familiarise yourself with the test structure
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