tips to successful relationship

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Tips to successful Relationship

In romantic relationships, as with so much else, its the little things that count.
Tell your partner you love them
Show some affection
Show appreciation for your partner
Share yourself
Be there for your partner
Give gifts
Respond gracefully to your partners
Make alone time a priority
Take nothing for granted
Strive for equality
Talk to each other
Listen to each other
Make repair attempts
Spend time together
Everyone is different
Make plans
Be supportive
Learn from arguments
Enjoy yourself
Share power
Fights ruin relationships
Choose Your Battles Carefully
Dont Hide Your Needs
The importance of trust and honesty
Conflict resolution
Staying involved with each other
Getting through conflict
Keeping outside relationships
Ask for what you want
Become an expert on your partner
Dont ask how was your day
Keep it sexy
Get it on
Seek to understand
Make your apology count
Develop Self Awareness
Be each others best friend
Recognize and admit
Word of mouth marketing
Finding jobs
Focus on giving
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