tips to successful relationship

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The importance of trust and honesty

Tips to successful Relationship

In romantic relationships, as with so much else, its the little things that count.
The importance of trust and honesty

Different people have different areas of concern, but almost everyone values trust and honesty from their partner above all. Why? Because your partner is the one person you want to be able to depend upon in the long term, without question or doubt.
Little things where your significant other hasnt been completely honest shouldnt be blown out of proportion, because virtually everybody tells little white lies especially when one is dating . Focus instead on the big things, like if they say theyre a lawyer and you discover theyve never even passed the bar, or they say they like kids but later on insist on never having one.

Share power
Keep it sexy
Listen to each other
Everyone is different
Take nothing for granted
Ask for what you want
Make alone time a priority
Finding jobs
Strive for equality
Dont ask how was your day
Keeping outside relationships
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