ways to get happy

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Spend time outside

Ways to Get Happy

Being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health.
Spend time outside

Enjoying time al fresco is a great way to put some pep back in your step. Living near green spaces is associated with better mental health, and even just looking at images of nature scenes can stimulate the parts of your brain associated with happiness, positivity, and emotional stability. Plus, spending time in the great outdoors exposes us to sunlight, which can help our bodies produce vitamin D . Since low levels of the nutrient have been linked to depression, soaking up a little bit of sun were talking just 15 minutes per day may lift your spirits both in the present and over the long term. Just make sure to slather on some sunscreen

Laugh and smile
See the glass as half full
Name what you re feeling
Just say yellow
Spend time outside
Try to look at the bigger picture
Load up on nutrients
Get stuff done
Be a friend
Sleep more
Turn up the tunes
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