ways to get happy

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Sweat it out

Ways to Get Happy

Being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health.
Sweat it out

Were obviously big fans of exercise in general, but making time for a regular fitness session does more than just sculpt a strong physique. While getting your sweat on may not cause happiness, it can certainly contribute to it. Physical activity helps our bodies produce diseasefighting proteins called antibodies and our brains release endorphins. While antibodies boost happiness by keeping illness at bay, endorphins are feelgood chemicals that improve your mood while promoting feelings of euphoria. To top it all off, research suggests that regular activity may lead to lasting happiness . So its safe to say your pricey gym membership pays off physically and mentally in the long run.

Comparing yourself to everyone else
Understand sadness
Go out and socialize
Learn to let go
Be a friend
Participate in a hobby
Get stuff done
Load up on nutrients
See the glass as half full
Name what you re feeling
Have an attitude of gratitude
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