ways to reduce your impact

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Upgrade your computer

Ways to Reduce Your Impact

Instructable to detail many different ways to reduce your impact.
Upgrade your computer

Upgrade your current computer, instead of going all out and purchasing a completely new one. Load it with new software and anti virus, graphic cards, and sound cards, and you are on your way. However, this should be used for the computer savvy people. Unless you want to take your computer to a shop and have them upgrade it for you. It will be less expensive than having to purchase a whole new system. Including a monitor and mouse and keyboard.

Turn off the pilot flame of your gas furnace in the summer
Use rechargeable batteries
Cremation instead of a burial
Toilet paper rolls
Energy Efficiency Rebates
Freezer fillers
If it s Yellow let it mello if it s brown flush it down
Handkerchiefs instead of tissues
Mechanical Pencils
Work at home
Unplug unused electronics
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