what to eat in sikkim

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What to Eat in Sikkim

Sikkim cuisine shows influence of different countries and culture.

Dhindo is a traditional food of Nepal. It is similar to halva, made by boiling hot water and continuously mixing and stirring corn flour and other grains like buckwheat. It is still eaten as a main meal in various part of Nepal.Dhindo is made by boiling hot water and continuously mixing flours of corn and other grains like buckwheat. This is Nepal's traditional food and is still consumed worldwide with great pride. It is also healthier than the rice that is consumed daily in Nepalese households. Nepal is an agricultural country and most households grow corn and buckwheat for food. Since dhindo tends to be dry cooking it takes quiet a long time and requires continuous effort and constant stirring.

Jaanr/ Chaang
Kodo ka Jaanr
Chhurpi ka achar
Chhurpi Ningro curry
Phapar ka Roti
Chakuli pitha
Tomato achar
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