xmas greeting card

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Dinner table place cards

Xmas Greeting Card

Christmas cards will help you share the joys of Merry Christmas.
Dinner table place cards

Cut a slit along each cork.Push a short length of string or raffia into one end of each cork, for a tail use the point of a pencil. Add a dab of glue if necessary.Poke four holes in each cork, for the matchstick legs. Push the matchsticks in evenly, so that the reindeer stands straight. Glue in place if necessary.Draw the outline of a reindeers head with black pen on thin white card. Cut around the black outline. Add eyes with black pen and a nose with red pen. If you cant do this, print out our template below on to thin white card.Finally, write each guests name on a sticky label and stick on the side of a reindeer.

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Dinner table place cards
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